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Dabula, the new board game

Dabula is a two-player game that takes about 3 to 10 minutes to play and offers a great deal of fun and challenge.
Can you reach the other side before your opponent will? Can you put up the right barricades? Do you have what it takes to overtake fields occupied by the enemy?

With good tactics and a strategic plan, a fair dose of luck and especially a lot of enthusiasm you are bound to play this game over and over again!

Heb jij 'm al besteld?

Have you ordered it yet?

Dabula is now officially released and we will be at Spellenspektakel in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht this weekend ( November 4 & 5). You can find us in hall 10, stand number 1032.

Join us for a game, have a chat and find out what else we have planned ;)

Special offer

We have a special offer at Spellenspektakel. If you come and buy the game at our stand you pay 19.95 instead of 24.95. Of course you can play a game with one of us beforehand.


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